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This is an exciting time for genealogists. DNA testing is a powerful new tool that can do what nothing else can.

Are you a male with the surname Worden, Warden, etc.? If not, can you find one, perhaps a distant cousin?

If you can answer Yes to either of these questions, you are invited to join the Worden men who have already been tested as part of the Worden DNA Surname Project. Please visit our website, www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/w/worden, where you will have the opportunity to learn the details of how DNA testing can help genealogy and how the Worden DNA Project works. You will see test results and pedigrees of the participants. You will also be able to send an email to Doris Wheeler, a Worden descendant who is the  Worden Project Administrator, if you have questions. Most importantly, you will be able to order a DNA test kit directly from Family Tree DNA, the first and largest company to combine DNA testing with genealogy on a commercial basis.    

 DNA testing can do what nothing else can. By applying 21st century technology, it can:

  • Determine if two people are related and descend from a common ancestor.
  • Confirm or disprove your genealogy, as based on traditional research.
  • Break down “brick walls” when your paper trail ends.
  • Expand your family tree as you find new cousins, some of whom may have gone beyond your own research findings.

Only men who are direct descendants of a Worden, Warden, Werden, etc., man (i.e., usually carry the same surname) can participate, but they can represent a sister or female cousin.

The test is painless, done in the privacy of one's home, and confidential. The cost is often less than that of a single research trip where you may or may not find something of interest. Be sure to order your test through our project at either www.ftdna.com/public/worden or www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/w/worden to save money. Reduced rates are available only through projects.

The company that processes our project's DNA tests was the first to perform DNA testing for genealogical purposes and is the largest, by far. It also does testing for the National Geographic Genographic project and offers a wide range of testing options, allowing you to upgrade easily if the need arises. Visit its website at www.familytreedna.com.

The Worden DNA Project currently has 26 participants whose results are posted at both the Worden websites. Of the 26, 19 are now proven (as a result of DNA testing) to have a common ancestor; 17 of these are known or probable descendants of Dr. Samuel Worden, son of Peter Worden b. 1609, based on a combination of DNA testing and traditional genealogy.  The last two of the 26 are probable descendants of an ancestor of Peter I, but their paper trails do not yet extend far enough back to determine which one. The remaining seven are clearly unrelated to the Peter Worden I line in that they have different haplogroups.

Note that each man represents his entire line, so brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and even distant cousins can benefit from one man's participation.  Think to the future.  It may be a great niece or nephew or a distant cousin who is interested in their Worden genealogy.  They will be forever grateful to you for having tested and provided a scientific basis for their family history.

Details can be obtained at www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/w/worden or by calling the project administrator, Doris Wheeler (a Worden descendant), at 770-483-2903 or by emailing her at doriswh@gmail.com. Pat Warden, family genealogist, editor of Wordens Past and webmaster of the Worden Family Association site, is co-administrator of our Worden DNA Project.

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