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 The Worden Family Association  is now posting online the results of many years of diligent research. Pat Warden, current archivist, is focusing first on the line from William b. 1500> Robert> Peter> Peter II> Samuel and his descendants and is including the data compiled by Pat Worden since 1980 when the association and *Wordens Past* were founded.

 This is an ongoing effort and more people are being added every day.

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You may access, review, download, and print information from the Worden Family Association Archive and use its content only for personal family history or genealogical research. You may not publish material from this site in whole or in part in any electronic, print, or other medium, except as unique elements that are part of a unique family history or genealogy. Resale of any part of the WFA Archive, work, or database or portion thereof is forbidden. When using or quoting portions of the WFA Archive material, please give credit to Worden Family Association and the author and provide sufficient citation as to allow others to also retrieve or review the same material from this Website. Sample citation: "ABC," by Jeannie Logical, Worden Family Association Archives (http://wordenfamilyassoc.org/WP_archive).  

Please be aware and always remember that the content of the Archive has been produced by many individuals over time. It may contain information that subsequent discoveries have proven erroneous.  Worden Family Association does not edit or take responsibility for the veracity of any of this information.




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